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Interested in joining us?

Interested in joining us?

If you are a language teacher who enjoys teaching children, find out how you can join a national network of teachers who use their expertise to make more of their free time.

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Self-confidence, language learning and fun.

The Language Club method is used worldwide and provides children with a natural way to learn and acquire a new language. Language Clubs provide fun, effective language learning that enhances children’s self-esteem, helps with socialisation and gives children a chance to learn about other cultures at the same time.

How can my child learn a new language easily and efficiently?

Back in 1998, Linda Ellis, the founder of Language Clubs, asked herself the same question. The answer was simple and came to her while she was playing with her daughter. Acquiring a new language should be as natural and spontaneous as play and mimic the way that we learn our mother tongue. Linda set up the highly successful Le Club Francais in the UK to teach French to children in after school clubs. Her methods are the same ones we use today in Language Clubs – teaching through games, songs, and movement with the emphasis on speaking and stress-free practice.

So, what makes Language Clubs different?

Using games and songs for language learning isn’t new – children learn songs and play games in school. However, what makes Language Clubs special is the club ethos and the sense of belonging. As well as learning a language, the clubs provide a supportive atmosphere where children can gain self-confidence, a real sense of achievement and a life-long love of language. It isn’t just teaching through games, it’s so much more than that.

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